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Our brief? Get young people around the world excited about the Galaxy Note 4, and demonstrate the device’s features in an authentic way to encourage engagement on a deeper level.

Creative solution

We partnered with social influencers, Rudy Mancuso and Shaun ‘Shonduras’ McBride, to show how the Galaxy Note 4 could turn people’s frowns upside down in real-time. Our custom-built Twitter app helped us identify millennials in New York City who were complaining about having a bad day on Twitter. Using creative insights, we planned ways to surprise them and sent Rudy and ‘Shonduras’ all over town to brighten their days. With the help of the two online celebrities, we took personalization and engagement to the next level – and sparked plenty of smiles and memories along the way.


A noteworthy campaign with noteworthy results. In just nine days, we made the most of every interaction with millennials across six countries. 65 pieces of content were generated across Snapchat, Instagram and video channels. A total of 5.2 million YouTube views and 26 million loops were racked up, leading to a 94 percent positivity score. From The Drum Content Award Best Campaign for Best Video to the DMA Best Use of Video, #NoteMyDay was a total winner.

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